Spokes In The Wheel – Selling Your Home

Roby Robertson's Spokes in the wheelIn a successful Real Estate Practice or any business for that matter, there was what we call spokes in the wheel.  Just like a bicycle has many spokes in it’s wheels to keep it running, a business needs many spokes to funnel new business to it.

The same can be said for Realtors that list and sell homes.  Or should I say hard working Realtors that list and sell homes.  These Realtors work hard for their clients and understand this concept is needed for their own businesses and selling their clients homes.

With listing homes, it oftentimes takes more that listing the home on MLS and putting up a sign.   There needs to be more opportunities created to engage buyers and other agents by using the above mentioned spokes.

I use several ways to accomplish this.  It is a part of my marketing plan.

Even if are buying a home there are numerous spokes needed during the due diligence period.

Contact me and I will go over all if it with you!



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