Sellers Start Your Engines. Lake Norman Area Real Estate Needs Entries

Lets Go Racing! Sellers Buckle Up! No need to put off selling your home any longer, the housing market race in Lake Norman has sellers in the driver’s seat again.

Charlotte and Lake Norman areas continue to have a shortage of homes available for sale ( and we have BUYERS ), median sales prices of homes are up 8% from a year ago. Multiple offers are becoming common again at all price points, especially in the $150,000 to $300,00 price range.

Lake Norman Real Estate

The home in Mooresville above sold was sold in 2 days.  We had 6 showings in the 1st day and multiple offers.   The selling price was 195,000.

One things to keep in mind, this does not mean “anything goes”. While some homes are being snapped up immediately, others may still sit.  Professional pictures and smart marketing are determines the difference between homes with multiple offers and others that sits on the starting line.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when selling your home:

  1.  Resist the urge to overprice.  Sellers market does not mean buyers will run to an overpriced home. Savvy buyers and agents will resist to even look at homes that are obviously out of touch.
  2. Make sure your agent hires a professional photographer.  Great pictures from the right angles mean everything online where buyers are looking.
  3.  Stage your home for the market according to the advice of your real estate agent or their staging partner.  Today’s buyers have expectations and requirements on a whole different level than buyers from previous years.  Put you buyers hat on and visualize from there.
  4. Make sure your home is accessible and easy to show.  Keep it ready to show at a moment’s notice and don’t decline showings. It’s a proven formula in real estate: the more showings a property receives, the higher the likelihood of an offer.
  5.  Read the following Resume for Roby Robertson: Page 1Page 2


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